How to create routines with the Google Assistant to perform several actions with a single command

The Google Assistant came to make our lives easier through their voice commands and integration with more than a thousand domotic products, and for the assistant to adapt to our needs we can customize it with their routines.

The Google Assistant routines allow us to create our own voice commands in which we can tell the assistant what actions we want him to do. With a single command we can say that you perform several actions from your mobile phone, tablet or loudspeaker Google Home, how to control the battles, thermostats, give us personal information, weather forecast and much more.

Create routines

Creating our own routine is very simple. We just have to open the Google Assistant and go to Explore> Menu> Settings> Assistant> Routines .

We can create our own routines by clicking on the blue “+” icon. In a new routine we can ** create our own voice command **, with the order or commands that we want it to detect to perform one or several actions. Optionally, if we have a Google Home speaker we can automate those actions by programming one hour and days of the week.

After choosing our new voice command we can now add the voice commands of the Assistant that we want you to perform after recognizing our own command. For example, you can create the command “I’m going to nap” and in actions say “put the phone on silent” and “alarm half an hour” for Assistant to put the phone in silence and set an alarm for half an hour each time You say “Ok Google, I’m going to nap.”

When the Wizard has finished executing the actions in the configured order, you can say that afterwards perform a multimedia action , to make music, news, radio or sleeping sounds, fully configurable by clicking on the configuration icon that appears next to each option.

Customize predefined routines

The Wizard comes with several predefined routines that you can customize to your liking, to tell your mobile or speaker that you want it to do when you say “Good morning”, “Good evening”, “I’m leaving”, “I’m already home” , “On the way to work” or “On the way home”.

Routines with your alarm

Finally, from the Google Clock application we can also create our own routines so that several actions are performed once you turn off the alarm . This is the best option to receive the good morning when you wake up without having to perform a voice command.

When you set an alarm you will now find the Google Assistant Routine option . There you can tell the assistant to deactivate the silent mode, tell you the time, the traffic to your work, your events, reminders, listen to the news, turn on the lights, adjust the heating and more actions.