Why your next website design needs to be content led

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Website design projects are filled with different tasks, creating new web pages and logos, refreshing social media pages and creating a marketing plan. All of these tasks are classed as high priority, and yet despite this, most web design companies overlook one of the most important parts of any web design project, the content.

Here’s why your next website design needs to be content led.

Overlooking the importance of content

Lots of businesses assume that they can mass produce lots of great content in a couple of weeks, so they delay the task until the website is nearly created. This normally causes lots of delays and stress, because sadly, great content can’t be produced at the drop of a hat.

This is because great content needs to be well planned. Businesses and web design companies must discuss the target audience, their interests and a content marketing strategy before they can even think about creating content. Once the content has been planned, researched and written, it should then be sent to a legal team for final approval.

If the content isn’t prioritised, the business will quickly encounter problems with the budget due to delays. This can be fixed if your business has a well-planned, flexible budget. According to Small Business a flexible budget will make it easier for you to adjust spending accordingly. However, if you have a tight budget poor content planning can be disastrous.

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How great content will help your customers

It doesn’t matter if you have an SEO friendly, mobile optimised, responsive, professional website if the content is bad. This is because the content on your website explains your message, your values and your call to action to internet users, and if the message isn’t clear you will notice a drop in engagement and sales.

Remember that your content is there to help users. It answers their questions, explains your methods, tells them more about your company and encourages them to do something, such as make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter.

For this reason, you must make sure that you have a strategic content approach to ensure that you are producing interesting, useful and relevant content that your customers will love.