Improve the work environment, the forgotten purpose of many companies in the new year

Sometimes the coexistence in the company is valued very little. The normal thing is that we spend more time at work than even with our own family. To the total of 40 habitual hours many times the hour of food is added and something more than we remain. However, there is no effort to improve this work environment in a prolonged way, there are no guidelines or a human resources department that tries to make it a value to attract talent.

Because in human resources they have to take care of the health of the employees. And a good work environment improves the mental health of everyone. If there is no good understanding or we just get along as partners is a good start. If we work in this area we can achieve that besides going to the office does not become a tedious routine, but in a place where we want to be.

For this it is necessary to work a series of points to achieve the final objective. Among them we can mention the following:

  • Putting empathy into practice when developing our work. Sometimes we have certain tasks that others depend on to perform theirs. If we are not coordinated or we go our own way we can be delaying our colleagues. Or we deliver the work within a period that forces you to stay longer. Sometimes it is just a matter of putting yourself in the place of the other, in addition to carrying out your work well, facilitating that of others.
  • Add a plus communication because in many cases small misunderstandings come to create unpleasant situations in the company. An equivocal when it comes to taking a vacation, a problem with a day off or simply when executing a job. Sometimes a small talk avoids these misunderstandings that do not stop creating tensions among the staff.
  • Work as a team that is perhaps the aspect where we see work in some companies. Group work dynamics are carried out, it is encouraged to stay out of work hours to do some activities together, etc.
  • Value the work of others , this is one of the issues that is least encouraged. Each employee does a part of the work, but in many cases the effort of others is not valued, which allows us to carry out our work. And it’s not only about valuing it, but also about recognizing the value of this team member, of noticing it.

This work environment is an intangible that can make the productivity of our company improve significantly . It is no longer a way to attract talent, but also that the investment made in this aspect begins to bear fruit from the first day. And you, what do you do to improve the working environment of your company?