The rebates no longer attract the consumer who does not save for this moment

A few years ago the consumer had a very clear purchasing pattern. A product was sought and acquired or not, depending on its price, at the same time or expected at the time of sales to achieve better savings. Nowadays with constant offers, always low price policies and products that can be purchased directly on the Internet very low the problem is that the rebates no longer attract the consumer who does not save for this moment .

Why wait if we can find a product similar to the one we already like with discounts? Or look in a store that always has very low prices. The main problem is that the reserve of money that many families saved to buy on sale no longer exists. And in the sales, what is expected is to buy some bargain.

In addition, in many cases the reference of the real price has been lost . Having discounts all year long we do not really know if the offer and the final price that is achieved in the rebates will really mean a saving or not. Because when finding the same product at other times of the year lowered, we have no feeling of real savings.

This mainly harms small businesses , which have traditionally used this period of the year to eliminate the surplus stock of the winter season. Now they are forced to anticipate the sales within the Christmas season, to make more aggressive discounts if they want to exhaust the stock.

In short, the profit margin falls . And this is something that harms the viability of many of these businesses. That is why every time they see how the same hours have worked at the end of the year, but the benefits they have achieved will be lower. In some cases it is a trend that has been occurring for a few years and that in the worst case will end in a transfer.

Small businesses have to adapt to this consumer trend . Knowing how to offer attractive products and seduce this client to buy. It will be of little use to press for the rebates to be regulated , that this period be reduced more, since there will always continue to be Outlets, online stores outside our country that offer much better prices, etc.