To succeed with your online store you must support instant messaging

We are going to buy a product in an internet store that we visited for the first time. We like it, we are almost determined, but when it is time to materialize we have some doubts. The operation remains in limbo and is very complicated to be realized. It is a fairly normal situation, but it can be solved using instant messaging to improve sales in the online store .

Especially in a younger audience, millennial generation or Z are those who prefer to ask directly by chat to call. It does not matter if the conversation is done through chat directly on the page or if the online store has WhatsApp for companies . The big difference will be in the possibilities of attention that we have in different schedules.

In a Chat it is simple to be able to establish an automatic attention that solves the most frequent doubts after hours, combined with a personalized attention at other times. This is especially useful if the SME does not have a customer service department as such. This automation is of great help so that the buyer does not feel abandoned.

But at the same time it is necessary to find a personalized advice , which shows that the person who is keeping the conversation with us knows what we are talking about, who knows the product or service for which they have asked. That is why it is fundamental that not only is a bot the one in charge of the attention.

It is important that the attention through instant messaging be as fast as possible . The time that a client spends on a web page is very short. If you are thinking of buying, start a chat or send a message on WhatsApp and nobody answers, will not wait, will go to the competition. This is the big problem for online stores that do not have a customer service staff.

This type of model, for a small online store, can mean being stuck on the phone all day. But we also have to assess the number of operations we do per day, how many sales do we close? How many carts are abandoned? Valuing this difference we could see the performance we can get and if it deserves or not worth the effort.