What is a care home contract?

Once you decide on a care home, you must sign a contract to agree to their terms. Before you sign up, it’s important to read the contract carefully and understand what you are agreeing. The following information features what should be in a good nursing home contract and the important things to look out.

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What should the contract cover?

Care home providers are free to use whatever terms they deem reasonable. The law stipulates that it should be fair. A nursing home contract should include:

the cost of the care, including the period of notice for any increments

any deposit or advance payment that is required

details of any trial period offered

what is and is not covered by the home’s insurance

type of accommodation provided

the level of care that will be provided – for more details on Dementia Care Homes Solihull, visit a site like https://sandersseniorliving.co.uk/the-collection/claridge-place-care-home-solihull/

additional fees and costs that may arise

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the cost and details of additional services, such as meals, laundry, personal care (such as hair, foot care), television and telephone bills

what happens if residents are temporarily absent from the home (for example, they are in the hospital)

contract cancellation conditions, both on your part and that of the care home, including the period of notice required

complaints procedure.

Check your contracts – Standard contract / terms and conditions must also be easy for people to find from the beginning of their research. For example, they must be clearly signposted at the care home website and included in the information packs they send to enquirers.