How to improve your visitor experience

When visitors come to your business, it’s vital to give them a great experience. Whether they are potential clients, contractors or potential employees, you want to give the very best first impression possible. The worse possible start would be to have visitors left wondering where to go or who to speak to, a rude receptionist or a general lack of communication. The opinion that a visitor forms about your business is created within the first few seconds. Make it count.

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Streamlining this process is a great place to start. Whether you choose a customised approach depending on your business or you go fully digital for speed and ease, there are multiple options available. Checking in, printing a visitor pass and taking important details can all be done smoothly and efficiently. Find out more about the Visitor Management System at a site like Ofec, suppliers of Visitor Management System solutions.


Having a consistent approach from your reception staff will also make a great impression. Consider things like a uniform which can create a professional look. Continuous training for staff so they fully understand the business ethos and values is an important investment.

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Prior to visit

Communication begins before a client or contractor even steps onto your premises. When you invest in visitor management software, details are easily retrieved and any documents that need to sent prior to meeting can be sent over ahead of the visit. This helps create a more productive and efficient experience.