How to reward excellent customer service

Good customer service is the backbone of your business and it helps to retain your customers and demonstrate to them that you care about the experience that they have with your company. There are lots of ways that you can ensure that your employees are giving good customer service, such as giving them regular training. But one great way to thank your staff for representing your company in a good light is to reward them in one way or another. This could include:

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Awards – some companies like to have employee rewards and these can be given for a number of different reasons. It could be employee of the month, the employee who has helped customers out the most or the top sales performer. It will depend very much on the kind of business that you run as to what the awards will be.

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Gifts – if you have a member of staff who is regularly supportive of customers you might want to look at gifting Corporate Hampers to those people. This could be at the end of the year if they have consistently given good service or to those people who are complemented by the customers that they have served.

Badges – you could look to have a customer service badge developed in a number of different colours and grade these based on the feedback that you get about that employee, You can then present these to your staff members and have them wear them on their uniform to identify those employees who have been rewarded for good customer service skills.