Marketing for Modern Times

Marketing can be a big and confusing world to many people – this is why most businesses seek out an expert like this SEO Belfast based company Ryco Marketing to work with them on their marketing campaigns. It is also a common misconception that marketing is something that big businesses do and is not something for new start up businesses or smaller companies. However, it is something that many smaller companies have had huge success with and certainly should be something for every small business owner to think about if they want to grow their business.

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The way that marketing is done has evolved over time. After the war, there was initially an economic downturn in western countries struggling to pick up the pieces, but this was rapidly followed by the era of modern consumerism.


New gadgets and technologies were rapidly being invented and opportunities were in abundance. This led to companies finding that they suddenly had a lot of competition between each other. Marketing soon became something that many companies started to use to help them to stand out from the competition – things like having a strong brand identity became important for businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd.

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Communication is something else that was born in those early days of marketing that we still hold in high regard today. How it is done nowadays is a little different – as the world has moved online it is less about taking out a newspaper ad or going on the radio – social media and the internet are the best way to do marketing in the modern world.