Good Web Hosting and Why it Matters

There’s a big choice of options when it comes to getting your website in front of the world. You might think that opting for the cheapest available just to get your site online quickly is the best option. But in fact the quality of your web hosting matters more than you might think.

Pension power play as control moves from DWP to Treasury

It is hard to pinpoint when it might have happened; however, at some stage in the last year, pensions policy in the UK seems to have shifted its burden from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to Her Majesty’s Treasury. Image Credit Traditionally, both departments led on pensions in general but took control of … [Read more…]

Transformers over time: a brief history

We tend to take transformers for granted; however, they are one of the most significant developments since the discovery of electricity. This is because they allow voltage to be stepped up or down and allow the current to be changed from AC to DC, making it possible to power a wide range of devices. Image … [Read more…]

Bars and Pubs: Choosing the Perfect Tableware

Tableware is an important aspect of any bar or pub, but it can be too easy for this seemingly small detail to get lost amongst the bigger picture. The following considerations should help you make the right tableware decisions for your establishment. Image Credit Ambience As Big Hospitality says, tableware helps to set the tone … [Read more…]

Retirement deferred as debt levels soar

Nearly everyone dreams of a comfortable life after they retire; however, research carried out by Prudential suggests that money worries in retirement are a growing problem. Men of 65 years and above, for example, are struggling with an average debt of more than £50,000. Image Credit Now more than ever, it seems that people are … [Read more…]

Reasons why employees screw up appraisal programs

Many times it has been seen that the performance appraisal programmes off beams from its laid down track. This is mainly due to upper management defaults and not because of middle level and lower level employees. For most of work, the employees cue from the upper level; of management, but if somehow these employees perceive … [Read more…]