Selling houses

The present world has become a place where uncertainty rules everybody’s life. The economic compulsions often force you to move from place to place, from countries to countries in search of employments and better avenues of income so that you can raise your standard of living or manage the state of affairs of your family including the dependents. Sometimes such situations also arise in one’s life when he loses his job and is placed in a precarious situation even to meet the daily expenses. You may have dreamt of a sweet home for you and your family and also built one according to your choice but due to the impact of one such situation you may be required to sell your house. So selling of houses has become a regular phenomenon for the general people and also for the people who are in the business of infrastructure development. But, it is not that easy to sell a house and get the proper market price for the same unless you approach some agent.

The estate agent gets the buyers

The state agents have wide contact with the prospective customers as the customers too approach them for purchasing of houses. The agent also advertises the selling of your house at the proper places so that it draws the attention of the prospective buyers. They have the unique ability to market your house highlighting the good things of your house in such a way as to attract the imagination of the buyers. But one important thing which you have to take care of before going to the agent is to make your house presentable to the buyer so that your house appears to be charming, for the buyer.

Making your house presentable

It is true that the buyers who will come to buy a second hand house know well that they are not going to get a brand new house. So their expectation of the second house is that the house should be nicely inhabitable and do not pose any problem during their stay. Many times the estate agents also advise the owners to do a few things so that they can get customers and get a lucrative price for your house. The agents are also interested in this as they also expect a good commission for the job which happens to be a percentage of the sales price. Following points are to be taken care of for making it presentable as advised.

  • The house has got to be repaired for all the cracks and holes which might have appeared after a long use. The repaired areas have to be nicely plastered and painted so that it gives a proper look. The window panes and the window frames including the grills are to be thoroughly washed and kept in a cleaned condition.
  • When we go on staying for a long time often some unwanted materials start accumulating at various places. Also, due to long exposure to the weather the front porch, doors and walls and the deck get cluttered, which are to be cleaned in order to create a welcome look.
  • Another important aspect of attracting the buyers is the landscape. The front area which is the main approach to your house should be clean of all unwanted materials. The same is also to be done in the backyards too, as the buyer would like to look at the back side also before proceeding to buy the house.
  • Next comes the interior such as walls, ceilings, carpets, doors and windows which is the main place of residence of the house. The interior has to be cleaned and painted in order to have a good look before you deal.