4 Places Where You Can Find Vintage Furniture and Decorative Pieces

Are you planning to renovate your home? Have you decided what kind of style you want? Are you interested in combining the elegance of vintage pieces and the rustic feel that the industrial style can provide you?

This style is sometimes called “Trash Deluxe” and has become one of the most popular styles today. The combination of rustic and classic elegance has attracted a number of home and office interior designers. Today, you can easily find a shop that sells furniture and decorative pieces that could fit this theme.

Classic yet rustic

However, many people are still confused about how they can realise this style for their homes. If you are one of those people, then you have probably checked a couple of sites pertaining to this design already. Basically, this style focuses on a clean, minimalist style combined with elegant floral and colourful pieces that would stand out in the white and black background.

This means that the vintage industrial style is supposed to produce a room with a white and black theme combined with functional, sturdy, and wooden furniture. It is also composed of metal decorative pieces. The upholstery utilises soft fabrics that have either vibrant floral colours and designs or sweet pastel ones.

Touring around a trash deluxe home

With this interior design style, you are going to expect blackboard walls and hanging lamps from a high ceiling. You will also see the kitchen with a high wooden table equipped with sturdy industrial stools of pastel or rustic colours. If you move further into the kitchen, you will notice that it is filled and equipped with a metal sink and colourful headboards.

The stairs leading to the second floor are built from old metals. If you enter the bathroom, you will see that the pipes are sticking out, although the place has a clean finish. The walls of the house are decorated with graphic and simple paintings. 

Where to get the furniture and decorative items

Now that you have an idea about the interior you will have with this style, you are probably thinking about where you could get the items to have this kind of house. There are several places where you can get these items. Here are a couple of places and the items you could find in them:

  • Local Thrift Shops. If you are looking for antique wooden furniture that is still sturdy, you can start by visiting your local thrift shops for furniture. When looking for items, go for simple and straight-lined ones to go with your chosen style.
  • Modern Art Galleries. If you are looking for decorative pieces, then this place should be your first stop. You will surely find a graphic painting or a piece with a simple design that would stand out in your living room.
  • DIY Stores. These stores often sell lamps and paintings that are inclined to vintage styles.
  • Online. If you don’t like going out and hunting down every shop in town, then surfing online could be your thing. There are tons of websites online that sell vintage and industrial pieces.

These are some of the places that you can visit to get your fix of vintage and industrial furniture. This style is not just clean and elegant, it is also focused on functionality and sturdiness. Don’t miss the chance to try it out today.