5 Best Tips For Rearranging Your Bedroom Furniture

Tired of staring at the same old furniture against the same old walls? It takes a lot of resources to remodel a room, but here’s a secret: You can make anywhere feel like a whole new world by simply rearranging the furniture inside. Here are a few tips for shocking some life back into your bedroom.

5: Embrace Your Windows

The easiest way to pump some fresh air into your bedroom is by simply opening the window and letting it inside. Throw away those ugly curtains and dust off those little-used blinds! You can also rearrange your bed and/or computer desk so they’re optimally situated to soak up the sunshine. A little more light in your mornings is a great way to start the day.

4: Minimize

Mess is no one’s friend, and that goes doubly so for the bedroom, a place that should be free of the disorganization and stress that clutter represents. Get in touch with your inner minimalist and get rid of some of that bedroom furniture that’s simply muddling up your home, and by extension, your life. Do you really need two dressers when you already have a walk-in closet? Does that ottoman add anything to the decor, truly? Dare to throw things away. You’ll feel a lot better afterward.

3: Divide and Conquer

Ideally, we’d work in the office and relax in the bedroom. All too often, however, we’re bringing out work home with us, meaning insomniac TV and late-night sessions with the laptop in bed. An easy way to break this cycle is by dividing your room into sections, like a “work” corner with your desk and calendars and a “leisure” area where you can turn your brain off and leave all your worries behind. These places don’t have to be large, they just have to become psychological triggers for certain moods. Sitting down at your desk should inspire you. Sinking down into your favorite armchair should release tension.

2: Build A Theme

No, it doesn’t have to be space shuttles or fairy princesses. How about sleek and modern? Fun and artsy? Retro chic? The possibilities are endless, and best of all, none of them require a costly remodeling. Once you’ve decided how you want your bedroom to look, you can simply go shopping and pick up things like lamps, lights and chairs that will compliment your new style. Rearrange your furniture a little and it will feel like a whole new room. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, too!

1: Change Your Bed

Want to drastically alter the “feel” of your room without a lot of time and effort? Just change the bed. It’s such a central part of bedroom decor that even a little change, like a new bedspread or a fresh headboard, can give you the feeling of a major makeover. Of course, you can also go all the way and buy a completely different bed. Orthopedic mattresses are all the rage now, and bunk beds are coming back in style. All you need is a little extra cash and a sense of adventure, and your dream bedroom could be yours!