5 Tips to Writing SEO Content that Drives Traffic

What good is a business if you aren’t there in the search engine results? This makes search engine optimization an important practice for any business because they help optimize your content and get your name up top on the search engines.

Every SEO blog/article that you write contributes greatly towards driving traffic to your website, and blogs alone can do that, excluding landing pages. Regular posting of fresh content on the website is an even better option provided its optimized to appear in the search results too.

SEO articles are important, this is understood. But do you just throw in a bunch of words and create an SEO article for attracting potential customers? Of course not. You need to build it the right way in order to draw attention. Here’s how SEO company Toronto based does it and you can follow:

  1. Keyword Research

Whatever content that you are to post on your website, its best that you ensure that effort doesn’t go into vain – meaning, Google makes a note of it. Look for keywords and phrases that people are looking for or those that you can be competitive in. You can do this via Google AdWords. Make a spreadsheet, list them down, utilize them and keep a track which ones work best for you.

  1.       Write Something of Value

Your business is your unique identity and none but you are aware of the benefits that it can deliver to your target market. Therefore, leverage that unique factor and write about it in an in-depth manner. Introduce products/services to your customers, discuss the news and latest developments and pack it with keywords but don’t overdo it. You may also interview some industry experts to grab attention and share it away on social media channels and leverage larger networks.

  1.       Add Detail Where Necessary

Short and sweet works fine almost all the time but what about the times when nobody knows your business? Or the products that you sell? Or the benefit that you are bringing to people? These require words that may go a little over just a 100 words. Try for 300 at minimum and go up to 500. Sometimes if the details are intensely important, in-depth and take up space, you may want to use more words. The point is that don’t be afraid to provide necessary details.

  1.       Optimize Your Website

If you have WordPress CMS in place, then there are various PR tools in the form of plugins that can come in handy. Yoast and Shareaholic are your best bets but you can use more if you want to. Also, add in keywords in your website content, apart from the articles that you write and post under the ‘Blogs’ tab.

  1.       Edit and Become a PR Agency

Professional SEO writers and a regular person have one thing that differentiates the professional from the other: The former have an eye for self-editing. Take care of the red and green squiggleys and make corrections where necessary, proofread the article for any other mistakes in sentence structure. Once you are through with that, it is time to become your very own PR agency. Create various social media channels and share away all the content on all those networks. Also, respond to comments actively, drop a comment on other articles from other people and link back to your website.

Writing SEO content is super easy! You just need to take care of a few things, practice others and you are good to go.