5 top team building trends

Most of us work, directly or indirectly, as part of team. However, we don’t always have the same values and ethics as each other and some organisations spend a considerable amount of their budget on pre-planned team building activities.

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Research has shown that when used correctly, team building can deliver great benefits to an organisation. According to Forbes, the money a business spends on team building activities will be some of the best it ever spends.

Team Building activities are generally used for one of two purposes: increasing morale or supporting a specific project.

Team building to boost morale

There are a wide range of activities that come under the auspices of team building. These can include outdoor activities where you might need to drive a tank, go orienteering or, as is becoming increasingly popular, supporting one another in a virtual reality game.

No one is saying that a member of the team will ever need to actually drive a tank for their job. However, any activity that gets colleagues to work together and interact in a way that they wouldn’t normally interact in the office is a great way for them to find some common ground. It also allows colleagues to gain an understanding of how other team members tick. These sorts of morale-boosting events are really good when you know that there is going to be some uncertainty or change coming to the organisation.

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Another great way to boost morale is by taking part in a charity-focussed activity, perhaps for a charity that is close to a colleague’s heart.

Teambuilding for a specific project

It’s becoming increasingly popular to run activities that have a specific project or target in mind, and they can be extremely effective. Whether you’re trying to develop a new marketing campaign or brainstorm how you’re going to achieve forthcoming sales and revenue targets, getting everyone together to take part in specific tasks that will result in an agreed plan of action can be a really worthwhile exercise. These activities could take place away from your usual business place perhaps in a one of the Windsor Meeting Rooms that are available or another conference location.

Regardless of your budget or the size of your team, it is worth putting a little thought in at the start of the year to plan how and when you’re going arrange these events to ensure everyone gets the most out of them.