8 Tools for creating dashboards

Knowing the key performance indicators at different levels within a company facilitates decision making and in turn is essential for it to achieve better results and time is much more effective in the various activities that it performs. 

But this is not only important at the level of management and senior management; It is also for the areas and each of the teams that make them, allowing them to know if the actions they are doing are helping them to achieve their goals and also, they can stay focused on those things that matter most.

Unfortunately, the fact that a lot of information is scattered in spreadsheets and on a variety of fronts such as servers, CRMs, or cloud tools often does not allow a complete picture of what is happening to be done until only It generates the famous reports that leaders can know relevant information, when ideally, they could know it instantly to react quickly to any circumstance that requires it instead of doing it when it is too late.

Fortunately, today there are a variety of tools that allow you to centralize in a single place those data that may be more important for a company and each of its areas, helping to facilitate the decision making by the managers, as well as That teams know at all times what their performance is and how they can improve it.

The following are some of them.

  1. Happymetrix

It is a tool that allows you to connect and extract information from various data sources including social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, in addition to other popular services that offer analysis and statistics of web traffic like Google Analytics or bitly , And email marketing in the case of those who use Mailchimp as a platform to send to their subscriber lists. Additionally, it offers the possibility of importing Excel files so that companies can have in one place all the data that they need to monitor and follow up.

In addition to bringing different widgets or functions configured to speed up the creation of dashboards or dashboards, Happymetrix allows you to share these easily with other colleagues through the web, or easily export them to PDF or as images to include them in presentations. As if that were not enough, the tool allows you to follow in real time the evolution of your metrics, offering you and yours team the option of being able to view the dashboards at all times from a monitor in your office that could be specifically designed for this function. It offers free trial for 30 days and plans from € 15 per month.

  1. Geckoboard

It is a powerful tool that in addition to allowing users to import any information they have in Excel, offers the possibility of extracting an immense amount of data thanks to the more than 60 integrations that makes available to users including social networks and popular services such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Google Sheets, buffer, bitly, GitHub, Freshbooks, Shopify, among many others. In addition, the tool allows the configuration of control panels specifically adapted to the needs of the areas of marketing, sales and customer service, offering key information to each of the members and their leaders. Like Happymetrix, Geckoboard lets people see the evolution of your key metrics and your computer on a monitor. The graphs that show the dashboards are of easy interpretation and these in turn can be easily shared with other people through links. Prices from US $ 25 per month and free trial for 30 days.

  1. Klipfolio

It allows you to obtain data from more than 100 services, apart from offering the option of importing information from spreadsheets into Excel and accessing data hosted on servers. Like other tools it allows to visualize the evolution of key indicators in real time from multiple devices, as well as to create a great variety of control boxes that through templates can be easily configured and customized with different visualization options. Prices start at US $19 and free for 14 days.

  1. Cyfe

It is a tool that allows to take information from multiple sources to be able to connect with different social networks and services commonly used by companies on the web.

In addition to allowing the creation of dashboards quickly and easily through widgets that allow you to configure the dashboards with their indicators without major inconveniences, Cyfe not only offers the possibility of monitoring in real time the data of greatest interest to companies but also allows access to historical information about the companies without losing any details about their performance. It also allows to export data to image (PNG or JPG for example to use in presentations), as well as to PDF or CSV format and to schedule from time to time the sending of reports that can be sent to the mail. It also offers the possibility to share the dashboards with other people and assign permissions so that in addition to seeing other members, they can edit the information. It has a free version and plans paid from $14 a month.

  1. IBM Watson Analytics

An advanced cloud-based data exploration and visualization platform that makes it easy to create dashboards and interactive infographics. Its main attraction is based on its ability to make predictive analyzes that can reveal important insights and trends in areas such as marketing, sales, finance, operations or human resources. Offers free trial (does not include pricing information).

  1. Datapine

It allows access to data hosted on servers and structured without having to program. Additionally, it allows to obtain information of files in Excel, Google Sheets, and connect with Dropbox, Facebook, Salesforce and SAP. It also offers the ability to create different dashboards to keep the marketing, finance and sales teams focused on those KPIs that matter most, as well as create dashboards to facilitate decision making by senior management. Dashboards can be easily shared with the people who make up the devices, easily visualized through devices and filter information to help people confirm any intuition before making a decision. Offers free trial. Plans from $219.

  1. Clicdata

It allows to connect with databases and a great variety of services to gather all the information in a single place and thus create the dashboards. One of its attractions, unlike other tools, is that it offers the possibility of creating alerts, for example when KPIs exceed normal ranges or have a significant decrease. Users can see the evolution of the indicators in real time from their devices as well as filter the information to have a detailed view. It offers free plans and payments from US $19.


  1. iDashboards

It allows you to create and configure dashboards quickly, allowing you to connect to databases and a wide variety of services. It includes advanced options for customizing dashboards or downloading information to make presentations, and delves into the information they provide by giving users the ability to filter data as well as provide advanced functionality that helps identify correlations and identify insights. In addition, iDashboard helps keep dashboard information up-to-date by synchronizing with information sources including Excel within them. Includes free plans and payments starting at $29.95.

In conclusion

In addition to allowing us to have greater control, thanks to the power of the data the scorecards can help us to see and take advantage of new opportunities that we could hardly realize otherwise. And to achieve this tools like the ones we have analyzed in this post can be of great help as they offer the possibility of integrating all or the vast majority of data generated by a business in one place.