Best tourist attraction in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a beautiful city in the USA with lots of lovely and beautiful people. The city is a great tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The common language spoken in Los Angeles is English and the nationality of most residents is American. Below is a collection of the top 5 best tourist attraction in Los Angeles.


. This amazing scene has been featured in a number of films.

. The trio of struggling mammoths is one of the most iconic scenes in Los Angeles.

. The view of bubbles slowly emerging from the pits can help tired minds get relaxed.

.The site is a wonderful and beautiful place that children can visit and have an enjoyable time.


. Hollywood is very popular around the world and is home to many top celebrities.

. The place attracts millions of visitors every year who go there to pay homage to some of their favorite stars.

. If lucky you can even catch a glimpse of a few famous celebrities. It is unimaginable to visit Los Angeles and fail to go to Hollywood.

.Just getting a view of the place is a lifetime achievement to many of us thus making the place a top tourist attraction in Los Angeles.

.Also worth mentioning is the iconic Hollywood sign that seats high in the Hollywood Hills.


. Malibu is a top tourist attraction in Los Angeles.

. There are around 24 beaches in Malibu with most of them being located north of the Cross Creek in Eastern Malibu.

. Also in Malibu you will find other attractions such as the Malibu Lagoon Museum, Malibu Wineries and Vineyards and the Malibu farmers market.

. The place is definitely a top tourist attraction in Los Angeles and one that both the locals and foreigners should visit.


. This is another tourist attraction found in Los Angeles.

.Here, there is a waterfront walk where you can have a stroll.

. The sidewalk is wide and you can walk along the docks while viewing the water and the boats and enjoy the nice smell of fresh air.

. The waterfront walk is located between the docks and Mother’s beach a short distance south of the well known Ritz-Carlton Hotel.


. When it comes to markets, Los Angeles has not been left behind.

. The Original Farmers market is a wonderful market located on Third and Fairfax.

. The market has been feeding the people of Los Angeles since 1934.

. It has very many stalls where market goers can sample and buy the fresh farm produce found there.

. The best grocery that Los Angeles has to offer is found there and also available in the market is the family fun events and the free summer music that is highly anticipated.

.It is definitely a nice place to visit and interact with the people of Los Angeles.

In a nutshell, Los Angeles has a lot of beautiful places to visit and things to do. The list of such places is endless and all you need to do is have a dsa book driving test and visit the place.