Best web development tools of 2018

Web development tools allow developers to concentrate on the design of a website without having to spend hours writing and debugging code. There’s an almost limitless supply of software that pushes the boundaries of what a website can do, but here are our favourite web development tools of 2018.

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According to Creative Bloq, any web designers still using Photoshop should switch across to Sketch as a matter of urgency. Despite only being available to Mac OS users, Sketch is quick and intuitive to use, offering a huge choice of plugins that give the designer’s creativity free rein.

Sublime Text 3

A code editor with additional useful features, including the ability to find any piece of code and to maximise display across widescreen monitors, Sublime Text 3 is completely free to download. Users are invited to evaluate the platform before going ahead with their purchase, which they may then install across any systems on which they are the primary user.

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InVision Cloud

A web development tool that gives users an effective digital design platform, InVision Cloud is used by some of the world’s leading technology companies, including Netflix and Amazon. By combining a number of design processes and elements, the platform is of particular interest to web developers, such as, a leading Yorkshire web design company. Onboard tools include navigation flows, an inspiration board, a photography board and an Element Library.

Chrome DevTools

Chrome comes packaged with Chrome DevTools already built in, making it instantly accessible to all of its users. And perhaps most surprisingly of all, it’s completely free. With the tools immediately available within the browser, anyone using Chrome can debug Javascript, optimise website speed and even apply styles to HTML elements, without the need for any downloads. In addition to being free to use, Chrome also has a large DevTools community, so anyone with a problem using the tools can source help online with the minimum of fuss.

Foundation 6

Featuring a family of customisable front-end frameworks, Foundation 6 provides HTML templates that have been carefully optimised for specific applications, so whether you’re writing a blog or creating a multi-page website, new elements can be added in using the helpful ‘Building Blocks’. Create star ratings, full-screen hero pages, subscription forms or any other features that you would like to include on your web pages