Damage that can occur to your drains

Having fully working drains in your home or place of work is incredibly important for a number of reasons. They take away waste water and products from your home, which means that we are not left with horrible pungent smells, and more importantly, we aren’t left with bacteria and viruses that can lead to illnesses and diseases. Our drain and hygiene systems are so sophisticated that we have been able to eradicate many illnesses and diseases that are water-borne. This includes diseases such as cholera and typhoid, which both still cause problems across the developing world.

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It is for this reason that we need to ensure that we maintain and monitor our drains for signs of damage. A good company that conducts CCTV Drainage Surveys, like https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/drainage-services-cctv-surveys-midlands/cctv-drain-surveys/cctv-drain-surveys-gloucester/ can help you to identify any problems in your drain, without needing to dig up your land or the road outside your home. Once they have identified the issue, they can then set about removing any blockage or repairing any areas of the pipework.

Here are some of the ways that damage can occur to your drains.

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Fatbergs – these delightfully named items are caused by fat and oil merging with other debris that makes its way down your plughole. These could be items of food or skin and hair that are washed away when you shower. Fatbergs can vary in size, from small ones that can be flushed through your system to those large enough to cause blockages. There have been instances of fatbergs that have grown large enough to block entire sewers.

Blockages – as well as fatbergs, other items can cause blockages. These include sanitary products, nappies that can become lodged in the pipes, and other items such as hair that is washed down the plughole. Hair can congeal together with shampoo and other soap items and create a blockage that will then cause the water to flow back into your sink, bath or shower.

Tree Roots – trees will seek out water in any place they can, including inside drains and other water pipes. If you have a small crack in your pipes, the roots will use this to work their way into the pipe. Here they will absorb water and will continue to grow further into the pipe.