Deciding on the right demolition company

For those seeking the demolition of a property, a top reason is to get rid of an existing structure to rebuild a new property. It is imperative that a qualified and experienced demolition company is hired. It’s not always clear what we should be looking for. The following are some tips for consideration:

Do they remove the waste?

Demolishing a building creates a lot of waste! Every good demolition company should be able to remove and dispose of trash for you. Rubbish can include building materials, stones, dirt, and so forth. In many cases, demolition companies will give discounts if you allow them to salvage materials from demolition projects. It could be a window, door, wood, steel, brick, and so on. This will not only make the project cheaper, but less waste will end up going to landfills. For Demolition Bristol Contractors, visit a site like David Horton for more information on Demolition Bristol Contractors.

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Do they have the right equipment?

It’s important to find a demolition company that has, at its disposal, a wide range of equipment to demolish the house. This is important because you will want a company with a variety of tools that best suit your property and needs.

Can the company handle hazardous materials?

If you demolish an old house, the likelihood is that asbestos is present in the house somewhere, either in a loose form or bound in the ceiling. If this is the case, you will need to make sure that your demolition company is licensed and capable of removing material containing asbestos safely, and to carry out the decontamination of the entire site so that no remnants of asbestos remain. They also have to dispose of asbestos as required by law. Your demolition company must have asbestos removal experts on staff to handle this tricky situation properly.

Do they provide more services?

If you knockdown / rebuild on your property, it is often the possibility that demolition is not enough on its own to prepare the site ready for building new homes. Other necessary services can include tree clearing or grading. A good demolition company will be able to provide additional services to you or, at least, be able to refer you to someone who can perform these tasks for you.

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How much will the cost of demolition be?

Costs are something that you also need to consider. A demolition company must provide you with a detailed quote on the dismantling for the entire project – from the initial planning stages, to the demolition phase and trash removal. They should outline exactly how the dismantling quotation will be done, what equipment and manpower will be needed, whether there will be a discount in exchange for salvage, the cost of garbage removal, the cost of asbestos removal, if necessary, and the cost of additional services which they estimate is needed. Estimates should also include the period in which the demolition will be done.

Are they qualified?

As demolition operations can be dangerous, you should always make sure that you choose a company that holds all the proper licensing, qualification, and insurance. Also look for a company that is highly experienced in carrying out a wide variety of housing demolition.