Delightful Designs

There are some really stunning websites that feature both beautiful graphics and great usability and there are numerous awards available for the most impressive. So let’s take a look at some of the masterpieces of the internet. Each award-winning website has something unique that makes it excel for example, one might be aesthetically amazing whereas one might be innovatively interactive.

ETQ is a very simple design and the beauty is in it’s minimalistic approach. Simple backgrounds and bold typography, the site keeps you focused on exactly why you went there, to see shoes.

Websites by designer Mikiya Kobayashi also offer minimalism and strong, effective photography and subtle animations. So popular is his website that it was translated from Japanese into English to reach a wider audience.

For a smooth and seamless user experience then Virgin America ticks all the right boxes. It features usability, accessibility and a responsive experience which is high praise indeed as airline websites are notoriously beset with problems in this area. If you’d like your website to really take-off then  think about using a Norwich Web Design company. For more information, visit

Another airline to succeed with an impressive website is Swiss airlines. Their website is very immersive and gives visitors a real insight into what it’s like to fly with the airline. There are solid visuals and animations full of information that feels like more than just the normal hard sell.

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Beagle does a wonderful job for a new start-up company. Visually stimulating and explains the product in an easy to understand manner. It explains and demonstrates the product in a clever way and seems to understand the needs of the customer in a refreshing way.

Google’s Inside Abbey Road offers a highly interactive experience as it allows visitors to virtually step into the Abbey Road Studios. The site features great sound, great navigation and is a very well-made immersion experience.

A unique website with an interesting story is JOHO’s Bean. It tells the story of a coffee bean’s journey and does so with beautiful imagery, visual effects and engaging sound design. It is both compelling viewing and engaging as you follow the bean on it’s way.

So what does a website need to be successful in 2016? A responsive design is crucial for a website to be easily viewable and usable on any type of device. Back to basics seems to be a popular trend at the moment with many businesses stripping back with fewer pages, simple designs and lots of open space and bright colours.

A more personalised website is another feature that will become increasingly important for future business websites. Not everyone wants to have the same experience and some content and design won’t appeal to everyone. A clever design is needed that allows the experience to be geared towards a particular user. A move away from the traditional navigation menu is also being seen with new innovative ways of directing users towards information. Ghost buttons that blend in with the background are becoming more prevalent and look particularly good against a minimalistic design.