Discus fish care-Some tips to keep your Discus fish properly

How to care Discus fish your aquarium?

Introduction of Discus fish

For all aquarium lovers, both professional and amateur, taking care of tropical fish such as Discus fish is a great challenge and satisfaction.

These fish give our aquariums the originality of their shape and the beauty and variety of colors. These colors have been obtained with the breeding of this species and cross in captivity. In our pet shop, you can find a wide variety of fish discs and all the material for your care, maintenance and food. In addition, we offer you the best advice in the aquarium and other pets.

Disco fish need special care. One of the important points is to create for them a good decoration. The aquarium must be well planted and with areas where the discs can take shelter. Among the plants recommended for these fish, we highlight the Ambulias, Anubias, Echinodorus. We can also introduce floating plants like the Salvinia or the Pistia that even cover a little the bright light of the fluorescents that both annoy the disks. In addition to the bottom sand, stones and logs will be used to complete the decoration, always leaving a free space in the aquarium so that the king can swim at his leisure.

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Disco fish are fish of hierarchical behavior among which there will always be a dominant fish. It is advisable to maintain a group of three or five specimens to prevent the dominant fish from attacking the weakest and may end up with their life. The dominant fish will be the first to eat so it is a good idea to feed the food in different places so that all fish reach the food. You may also own an aquarium area.

Here are some basic tips to take care of your fish Discus:


Before buying and making an aquarium we must decide how many fish we want to include in it and space we will need. For this, we must take into account the following proportion: 40l of water for each adult discus fish and 20 liters for each young discus fish. You can include several albums together since it is a species that likes to live with theirs, feel more confident in a group.

Aquarium Water Needs

As for the temperature of the water the fish disco need high temperatures around 28ºC. Below 26 ° C can become sick. For a 200 liter aquarium, it is recommended to have two 200W heating rods since in winter before a large temperature drop it can happen that a single heater does not reach to keep the water at its correct temperature and diseases may appear.

The PH must be the acid of value 6. When the PH is high the fish show a darkening indicating that they are not at ease. Remember that changes in the chemistry of water and its temperature should be carried out little by little.

As for the hardness of water, we will say that the fish disco prefers the soft waters of Gh 5, especially if we intend to reproduce. An ideal water for the aquarium is the source of a system of osmosis.

Aquarium Features

As far as the size of the aquarium is concerned, we will say that at least 200 liters are needed to maintain a pair of disco fish. To keep more fish will require 100 liters to higher per fish. We are talking about disco fish in an adult state although we may have more fish while they are young.

Water Filtration

Other important aspects of water are filtration, flow and water changes.

The flow or movement of the water should not be too strong, with a slight current is sufficient.

Water changes, these should be frequent, ideally 20% to 25% per week.

Changes of water, our Disco fish need the highest quality of water, for that we will use a filtration system. In our pet shop, you can find a great assortment of filtration material, there are also cheap aquariums that already include filtration system and aquarium accessories that will help us to keep the water in the best conditions.

Acquisition of fish and introduction into the aquarium

It is recommended to buy the discus fish in an odd number, that is to say not two for example three, since unless it is an established pair when introduced to the aquarium one of them will become dominant, attacking the other, leaving it without eating, Etc … If there are three, the nuisances will be distributed. At the time of choosing them we will notice well in their state of health, that they do not present wounds, fins bitten or the sunken belly. Never buy fish that have just arrived at the store. Since they would suffer double stress because they are not yet acclimatized to the store and forced to another acclimatization at home. Each discus fish should be put in a separate bag for transportation. The transport time should not be excessive as the water temperature would drop too high and could cause illness.

To introduce them in the aquarium we will submerge the bags in the water of this one leaving them 10 minutes. So that the temperatures are equal. Then we will open each bag and pour a glass of water in each one, bake them and leave the fish 5 minutes. We will repeat this operation twice more. Once the acclimation time has elapsed we will open the bags and with a net and very carefully. Now we will transfer the fish to the aquarium, discarding the water from the bags. At first, it is possible that the fish show little activity hiding between the plants, we will let them be comfortable before feeding them.

Species of fish compatible

As regards compatible species, we emphasize for fish of cardumen the tetra red nose or rummy nose tetra, the neon, the cardinal, the phantom tetra or the common ax, among others. Scalar fish is also a good companion. As for the fish, we have the corydoras and the plecos.


As for food, it is best to use porridge and vegetables as the basis of your diet. Live food such as tubifex is advisable to give it without going over and well clean to avoid diseases. The tubifex is good for them to start eating once introduced into the aquarium. They also accept the scale food. It is recommended to feed them twice a day by varying the type of food. So that their food is complete and with little quantity. Once a week it is convenient to have them fast.

You can prepare the fish food, here you have a link with the preparation of the homemade fish food.


Being demanding with the hygiene of the aquarium will bring us great benefits in the health of our fish. And in the maintenance of the aquarium. The use of biological cleansers will help us control bacteria and certain parasites. The key to the health of our disco fish and their community.


At the time of reproduction, it is best to separate the family from the rest of the group in an aquarium of 75 to 115 liters. So that the fry find their parents easily and there are no problems with food. His instinct from the first moment is to remain united. And always close to each other, both for his protection and for his care.

Care and maintenance

Each week we will make partial water changes of 20% of the water and keep nitrate levels low.

We will make PH measurements and monitor the water temperature daily.


I hope this article can inspire you keeping discus fish in your favorite aquarium fish list. If follow all tips step by step you defiantly take care your Discus fish. So let’s enjoy…