Do you want a greener alternative to traditional gift wrapping paper?

Are you dreaming of a green Christmas? Wrapping presents for Christmas does not have to be wasteful and the best thing is that using eco-friendly materials can look even better than more commercial options.

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If you are tired of seeing the same old styles of shop-brought wrapping paper, creating your own using a variety of materials can provide a unique look packed with personality; additionally, the festive period is the perfect time to show that you care. Why not give the planet a helping hand this Christmas and inspire others to do the same by using alternative wrapping practices? So when you are wrapping up your loved ones gifts like socks, pants or collectible money items from a UK Coin dealers found at sites like


Using newspaper to wrap presents instantly adds vintage sophistication and it is a sustainable way of using up any newspapers that you are waiting to throw out. Any depressing headlines are bound to put a downer on the festive mood but choosing pages with a Christmas or personal theme is a great place to start. Sports pages may appeal to athletic types, or fashion pages to stylish friends and family.

Brown bags

A brown paper bag may not seem like the most luxurious choice for wrapping presents, but with some tweaking it can dress your presents with flair. A paper bag can easily be made into a more convenient shape by cutting off the handles and stapling before sowing the sides together. Once your shape is established, brown bags make a creative canvas to decorate. Spruce them up however you like, such as with illustrations, stamps or fabric collages.


Fabric is a popular and ideal choice for wrapping presents due to its strength and quality. It also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. Designer Christmas fabrics bring a luxurious edge and there are numerous modern and traditional options available. Using the Japanese practice of furoshiki to wrap your presents is a stunning method for wrapping your presents.

Wallpaper samples

If you have always wanted to use that wallpaper sample but have never found a room that it suitable, now is its time to shine. Wallpaper samples create elegant wrappings for your Christmas presents. If you do not have any yourself, you can easily pick some up from your local DIY or home store for smaller-sized gifts.