Easy improvements to make your home a happy place

This article covers some ways to improve your home with the minimum of fuss and effort. Ways to make your house appealing if you are trying to sell it, or just make your living space a nicer space to be. It includes some ideas on space saving and maximizing the light in the rooms in your house.

There are places and areas in every house that are not quite as they should be, maybe they are too dark, or too cluttered or never quite get warm enough. You may think that the only thing to do is put up with this as no home is perfect, but in most cases a few little changes can change your least favourite place in the house to a useful and comfortable space.

Create year-round charm
Some rooms in your house will be too cold and gloomy in winter and too hot and stuffy in summer; conservatories are a prime example. Many people fit their conservatories out with wicker garden style furniture which is far from comfy and cozy in the winter. Try some light Italian furniture instead which is suited to the summer weather but also works in cooler seasons, alternatively if you don’t want to change your furniture add cushions and throws during the winter for warmth. Fit your conservatory or sunroom with blinds to keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth inside the winter and use candles for a warm glow in the cold.

Maximise your space
Clearing out clutter will make more space throughout your house and create a more relaxing atmosphere. Throw out things that you don’t need and find the home for things that you do so that everything has a place and can be put away. Use clever storage solutions such as under bed drawers and racks inside kitchen cabinets to make more space if you need it; a set of storage boxes can act as coffee tables in a living room which also encourages you to keep the surfaces clear as you’ll need to access them. Paint gloomy rooms in light colours and use lamps and mirrors to add and reflect light which makes your rooms look bigger and brighter; go for warmly toned light bulbs for a cosy feel in living spaces. Use any difficult nooks and crannies as extra space by putting in shelving or cupboards and create storage room and brighten up the house with accessories, rugs and throws in your favorite colours.

There are plenty of easy ways to improve your living space without putting in a lot of time and energy. If you are trying to sell your house then making it warm and welcoming will help and if you are sticking around then you’ll have a nicer home for yourself and your family. Light warm colours brighten rooms and carefully placed lamps; candles and mirrors give the illusion of space and open up dark corners.