Eight benefits of drain lining

Drain lining involves fitting a lining into a drain to seal up any leaks in pipework and to prevent further damage. Here are eight benefits of drain lining.

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No need for land excavation

The most obvious benefit to using drain lining is that you don’t need to dig up the ground to install it. According to doityourself, this saves you from the costly and time-intensive procedures involved if you were to dig up old or damaged pipes.


Drain lining provides an effective solution to repair and cure leaks, cracks and other damage in pipework. The lining can be added to whole sections of pipework as well as small areas, and even around joints or bends. Small cameras are initially passed down the pipework to assess the area of damage and to see what’s needed to repair them. This makes the job more effective. After completion, cameras are again used to ensure the drain lining has been fitted correctly.

Improved water flow

Having drain lining fitted has been shown to improve the water flow in pipework, making the system more efficient overall.


Drain lining has a wide range of applications and can be used in both homes and businesses of every scale and size. It can also be used in private and public areas. Lengths of up to 100 metres can even be installed in one area.

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Anyone looking to choose a drain lining company, such as https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/, will be pleased to know that the materials used offer excellent durability and strength. Epoxy resin is normally added to the lining, which can reinforce the existing pipework and reduce weak points. The lining is also abrasive resistant.


Since installing drain lining is less labour intensive than excavation methods, it makes it a far more cost-effective option. In fact, you could save up to 75% by choosing drain lining over traditional solutions.

Withstands ground movement

When you use drain lining, you have the added benefit of knowing that this option is far better at withstanding any movement in the ground compared to other drainage materials, such as concrete or saltglaze.


By not needing to dig up the ground, drain lining is much safer than traditional methods. There is no need to worry about tripping over holes or debris, for example, or fear that pets may accidentally fall down excavated areas.