Essential construction site equipment

Working on a construction site? They can be noisy, busy and dangerous places, so make sure you have all the right equipment you need to keep you safe. Here are some of the most common items found on a construction site.

  1. Barrier Planks

Barrier planks are often used alongside traffic cones to mark out safe working zones for workers and the public. A barrier system consists of cones and reflective, high-viz planks.

  1. Cranes

A common sight in areas of construction, mobile cranes are used for lifting heavy objects, like bricks, steel girders, piping and other building material.

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  1. External Cable Protectors

When electricity is needed outside to power machinery or a mobile unit, there can be wires coming and going from all angles. To avoid trips and wiring becoming damaged, external cable protection is essential. It protects wiring from heavy traffic and weather without needing any special fixings.

  1. Hazard Tape

Hazard tape offers a quick and dependable way of restricting zones for safety purposes. It draws attention to potential hazards or areas of danger inside a construction site or surrounding road works.

  1. High Viz Clothing

Personal Protective Equipment is essential on a construction site for safety purposes when working around heavy machinery and dangerous conditions. This includes the use of reflective clothing, which must always be worn when working outside, in bad weather conditions and poor light. As well as high visibility clothing, vehicles and machinery can attach a Buggy Whip to increase visibility. Get your Buggy Whip from WISUK.

  1. Signs

Many safety signs are mandatory on a construction site to ensure that certain regulations are adhered to, such as ‘Wear goggles’.

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  1. Skips

The disposal of rubbish is a major part of life on a construction site and skips help to keep the area safe and clear.

  1. Temporary Fencing

For work that is only due to last a short period, temporary fencing is perfect for cordoning off areas on a short-term basis. It could consist of security fencing, plastic netting or plastic barriers.

  1. Traffic Cones

We are all used to seeing traffic cones marking out areas of roadworks or construction. They are a common sight on our roads, pavements and building sites for diverting traffic and pedestrians out of a working area to prevent accidents.

  1. Safety Workwear

Equipment you’ll often see in construction and industrial environments include gloves, face masks, safety glasses, hard hats and ear defenders. This workwear is essential for preventing illness and injury when operating machinery and working with hazardous materials.

  1. Platforms

When working at height, a piece of machinery to get you there safely and effectively is required. It normally comes in the form of a work platform ladder. Scissor lifts are another common sight for working at height or lifting heavy objects.