Ferrari 599 GTO: Get The Colors Out To Everyone

GTO is a legendary abbreviation. But after 250 (36 units, 1962-1964) and 288 GTO (277 units, 1984) disappeared for a quarter of a century. Now there is one again: the 599 GTO, limited to 599 units. It was sold in a jiffy and it is a race car completely adapted to the street that has been derived from the sporty 599XX (30 units, 1.2 million dollars).

On the road of the 599 GTB, going through the 599XX and up to 599 GTO there is one thing that has been lost: weight, and is that has lost almost 100 kg. The list of things that have been changed is long: 48 kilos in mechanical parts such as the drive shaft, exhaust, stabilizers or wheels. The interior has been replaced leather by plastic, lighter seats have been fitted and the footrests, steering wheel and door linings have been lightened, which adds another 33 kilograms. In addition, it has lost 31 of exterior elements: windshields, bumpers, lining of the low and trunk.

The engine, which in its early days already gave wings to the Enzo and is slightly decaffeinated in the 599 GTB (something spicier in 599XX), plays here with 670 hp and tones the beloved song of the 12 in a way that also would love the Commendatory himself. Starting with the 700 hp 599XX, two catalytic converters and a silencer have been fitted to meet the dollar 5 standard. In addition, it has been used to improve friction inside the engine, such as carbon-coated pistons. And as it has to be an Italian supercar, the 670 hp does not pull until it reaches 8,250 rpm; the torque of 620 Nm occurs at 6,500 rpm.

To achieve such a sporting spirit, Ferrari has taken advantage of its box of tricks. The goal was to improve transverse acceleration, reduce under steer and minimize steering response times. To this end, the suspension is modified with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and the second generation of the active chassis. As for the brakes, not only save weight, but also with carbon discs also bring ceramic pads. The so-called Donuts (front brake linings) reduce aerodynamic eddies.

It is time to take a few turns to Fiorano. It rains: conditions are not the best for a rear of 670 hp.

Wrapped in Alcantara and carbon, I feel great. Meanwhile, my eyesight is stuck to 10 of the rev counter. Metro first with the cams of carbon fiber and I leave the box. On the first full-throttle, the GTO already barks wild, sounds brutal (inside it hears 8 dB higher than the GTB). The sound itself is aggressive and well-modulated, immediately inserted into the ears and recorded inside the head like the song of the summer.

When maneuvering, the GTO makes clear that it does not undergo. The 599 follows very accurately any to the steering and grabs with its front wheels to the asphalt. The bad thing about this behavior is that the transition from lack of under steer to under steer is very fast. If you hit the accelerator a bit early, the fast lap ends up in a spectacular drift.

Then, the GTO can demonstrate that it also works on a day-to-day basis by placing it in the proper position. Their pauses between changes of gear are not too long, the chassis is not very rigid … Perfect to go for Alonso-style bread.


The 599 GTO is as radical as a race car, but it is also apt to go out with him on the street if you are willing to ‘know’ all the bumps in your city. But it’s a great Ferrari work. The fact that this car requires expert hands is understood, although the least you will see the GTO will be in a circuit.