Five Reasons to Hire a Skip

We live in a consumer age, and with that comes the accumulation of a lot of stuff that we end up not needing. We love to renovate and revamp our homes, creating quite a bit of mess, and we are a nation of gardeners too. The best way to deal with the waste products you generate or that you don’t need is to hire a skip, making your waste disposal a breeze.

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If you’re not sure when to hire a skip, here are some examples.

Spring Cleaning

The arrival of spring usually means we like to get busy around the house. Decluttering cupboards and revamping wardrobes can create a big pile of stuff we no longer want. Some can be recycled or taken to a charity shop, but some stuff just needs to be thrown away. Hire a skip and it can be done in a day rather than ending up as a summer clean!


Plants need cutting back and you might want to replace the grass with some decking, and all this green waste needs to be disposed of. If you live in or around Swansea skip hire is easy to arrange via a company such as It doesn’t matter how much waste you have, Swansea skip hire companies have a range of skip sizes to suit your requirements.


If you’re moving house, there is no point in paying to move boxes of stuff that you don’t want to take with you. Order a skip and throw away the items you don’t plan to pack and transport. Again, recycle where you can.

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Are you finally getting rid of that 1980s bathroom suite? Chuck it in a skip, along with the outdated tiles and flooring, ready for the stylish bathroom revamp. Hiring a skip makes the job so much quicker, easier and cleaner.

Garage Clearance

Everyone has a place where they put things, shut the door and forget about them. For some people this is the garage, meaning there is soon no room for the car. Get a skip delivered to your driveway and start emptying that garage space. If you’re struggling to know what to throw away, there’s plenty of advice to get you started.

Skip hire is a great way to dispose of rubbish, making all those jobs you’ve been putting off so much easier.