Five top tips for SEO

It’s tempting to think that small business websites can’t compete with big budget players. However, just a few SEO basics can help to improve your rankings.

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Every business needs a website – and that website needs to be regularly populated with high-quality, relevant and well-written content that offers value to its customers. Get this wrong and your competitors will swoop in with an engagement strategy that hooks your customers and tempts them away.

To get content right, make sure you analyse your necessary keywords (an agency specialising in online marketing and web design in Kent can assist with this). Then, produce regular content that incorporates those keywords. Don’t simply write blogs, produce videos too and take photographs. Then, share them on your social media sites to start to build a following.


This aspect of SEO marketing is vital as you need to know what your target market is typing into Google to find businesses like yours. Understand these keywords and you can start to incorporate them into your digital content. This doesn’t mean using keyword stuffing, which Google notices and penalises, but incorporating them for a human reader. Get this right and Google will start to rank you more highly.

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Link building

All websites incorporate links. These help your visitors to navigate your website content and will occasionally direct them out to other websites or pages. The better your links are, and the more ‘authority’ links you have to other high-quality sites, the better Google will view your website. Find out more from a company such as

Search engines

Remember to tell Google and other search engines what your website is about. The engines need this in order to rank your website correctly. There are different ways to do this, and again, your digital agency or in-house expert can guide you on the best way to do this –


Blogs are a great way to drive relevant traffic to your website. This is much softer than the hard sell and will build trust between you and potential customers, growing conversions over time. Regularly blog in text or by video and share via social sites.

Implement these measures and invest in improving your website over time and you’ll start to see results, with more visitors coming to your site, staying for longer and ultimately, converting.