Five uses for electric generators

Electric generators can be very useful in a wide variety of situations, whenever mains power or other power source is insufficient or unavailable. There are many industries and market sectors, as well as plenty of homes, which rely on electric generators to play a vital role in their electrical power supply backup plans. This article takes a look at five of these uses, which cover a wide variety of circumstances.

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1. Domestic backup power

In many parts of the world, particularly in rural areas, backup power is critical in homes and having an electric generator can be a lifesaving source of both standby and primary power. This is also the case on farms where a generator is an essential piece of equipment.

2. Standby power for business

Regardless of the size of business, it is important to invest in a generator so that you can keep running in the event of a power cut. Electrical generators will allow you to backup important files and provide a protective element by preventing the power outage from damaging precious hardware.

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3. Temporary power for construction sites

When buildings are being built, mains power has not been connected and generators provide the only source of power. Without this backup power, contractors would not be able to carry out their work or power their equipment.

4. STOR generators

Generators can also be used to assist the mains in supplying the total power requirement. If demand rises above a predicted level, generators can be synchronised to provide the extra power. This type of generator is known as STOR (Short-term operating reserve) and you can read more about these on the National Grid website.

5. Remote locations

Many festivals and concerts take place in rural areas where mains power is not available. Electric generators are used to power lighting rigs, sound systems, catering equipment and much more. It is very important to hold spares and consumables for repair and maintenance in remote locations – whether you need Briggs and Stratton Parts or anything else, there are many specialist companies that can help, such as

On campsites and caravan parks, small generators are ideal for powering stoves and other appliances. Large generators are useful for outdoor catering facilities at weddings and other events held in remote locations.