Five ways to improve employee morale

A positive and productive working environment can only be achieved if employee morale is high. Employees must feel satisfied, confident and have a good attitude to work. What can you do as an employer to influence employee morale?


Rewarding hard work is so important. We all like to feel appreciated for our efforts and this is one way to ensure your employees feel noticed and valued. Incentives such as days out and VIP tickets are a great way to reward employees.


Employees need to feel part of a long-term goal and that they are working together to achieve this. Empower employees by encouraging them to contribute to this wider vision. Give them the responsibility to make decisions on their own and they will feel more in control. In the shorter term, illustrate to employees exactly how their input is making a difference, both in the workplace and the wider society. You can do this by regularly sharing positive news with them.

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Relationship building

Morale can be improved significantly if you get to know your employees. Employees feel more valued if management takes the time to engage with them. Weekly meetings and regular team building corporate events, such as those available from, can make a huge difference to cohesion within the workplace. In addition, the way in which management addresses staff can have a massive impact. Avoid the use of negative language and ensure employees understand you are there to listen if they have any concerns or issues.

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Allow them to progress

An important way to prevent employees becoming bored and disillusioned is to provide them with opportunities for training and development. Help them to progress in their roles and through the company, learning new skills and gaining confidence. Ensure the management team is always on hand to help with this learning process; in this way, it becomes a positive experience rather than a worrying one.


Employee morale is dependent upon employers being willing to make changes where necessary, from the layout of the working environment to how meetings are conducted. Encourage employees to make suggestions for improvements. It is also important to make sure there is space for fun. While there are always serious aspects to any working environment, it is important to offer a break from the everyday monotony with some light-hearted moments.