Five ways to prevent your energy bills from soaring in winter

Winter is here, and it brings with it worries of how to keep your home affordably warm. Many of us are concerned that energy bills will soar when temperatures fall, but with a little common sense, it’s perfectly possible to save money and still enjoy a cosy home.

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1. Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding a radiator releases air that has become trapped inside. Once the air has gone, hot water fills the space instead, meaning that you’ll use less gas to warm your home. Your radiators will be much more efficient, and you’ll save money on gas.

2. Compare, Switch, and Update Your Energy Supplier

According to uSwitch, the UK’s biggest energy comparison website, you could save up to £482 per year. The big energy suppliers like to entice new customers just before winter and offer up very competitive energy deals. Winter is the best time to compare the gas and electricity plans, so shop around and find the best energy deal for you.

3. Make Sure Your Boiler Doesn’t Let You Down

Winter can be demanding on a boiler, and a fifth of UK households can suffer boiler breakdowns during the winter. Invest in an annual boiler service today, rather than spending £2,000 for a new one. Check what’s available in your local area for the best deals; Google boiler service Gloucester, Gainsborough, or Garforth to find local experts, such as, who can offer better deals than mainstream services like British Gas.

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4. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats let you remotely control a home’s temperature. You’ll be able to directly control when the heating comes on, get reports about your energy usage, and be able to change your behaviour or heating choices to get the most financially efficient usage of your heat. There will be no more returning to an ice cold home, and no more boiling hot radiators coming on during the middle of the day.

5. Draught-Proof Your Home

No matter what you do, you won’t save any money if your chimney, windows, doors, and letter boxes are letting all your heat out. Give a quick check and you might find that you’re eligible for a grant to make your home much more energy-efficient. Your home will be much warmer and much cheaper for many years to come.