Highlights of DrupalCon Vienna 2017

Vienna’s Congress Centre and Messe Wien Exhibition played host to nearly 2,000 members belonging to the Drupal community earlier this year. The event, entitled, DrupalCon Vienna 2017, was designed for community, coding and collaboration and outlined below are some of the best highlights.

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Driesnote refers to Dries Buytaert’s key speech in which he drew on Drupal’s focus for inclusivity for everyone within its growing market and the changes that are emerging from it. He stressed that while this product transformation was happening, emphasis should be placed on increasing powerful site building whereby tools should be made easier for updates and maintenance.

Exhibition stands

Drupalists were kept entertained by some great company exhibition stands from Drupal Design Agency. SixEleven’s tattoo parlour was an inventive way of marketing whereby visitors chose temporary Drupal-related tattoos which had inspiring quotes. Another example of inspired creativity was Digitalist’s adult version of a ball pit which involved jumping head first into the ball pit to search for a Digitalist branded t-shirt.

Business session with Michel Van Velde

The CEO of OneShoe, Michel Van Velde, lead the marketing session concerning the psychology and skills needed to sell Drupal. In order to drive a sale, he stated, one should not just rely on information but also how it is offered. He incorporated different kinds of selling skills and strategies, and the various negotiation stages which encourage good business sense for companies such as https://www.website-express.co.uk.

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Presentation by Pieter Frenssen

Leading the coding and development presentation was one of Drupal’s developers, Pieter Frenssen who outlined the benefits of automated testing for both small and medium-sized projects. This can improve the quality of software and help make reductions in maintenance costs. He demonstrated the use of Behat, Travis CI and Drupal Extension and how they offer effective and cheap testing for projects.

Other highlights

More favourites from members included Monique Morrow’s humanitarian speech where she drew on Drupal’s ethical values on how people can take control of their identity and online privacy, leading to a sustainable and online world. Finally, the Women in Drupal event attracted both women and men to learn how women are advancing with the industry.

Add the local cuisine and culture into the highlights and it’s a done deal that this year’s memorable event was a major success.