How are commercial and residential carpets different?

We are always told that there is a difference between commercial and residential carpets. What are these differences, if they even exist at all, and which one should you choose? Here is a look at what sets the two carpets apart.

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The look

Residential carpet comes in a wider array of colours and varieties. This is not normally the case for commercial carpet, which often comes in darker and more solid colours to cover up stains and marks that can accumulate over the years. In contrast, lighter colours are generally preferred in residential settings to create a light and spacious environment.

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Even though commercial carpet is more durable, it will need more maintenance because of its higher footfall. That means regular vacuuming and looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Cheltenham to give it the occasional professional deep clean. The amount of dirt that will accumulate on a commercial carpet heavily outnumbers that found on a residential carpet. A residential carpet should be vacuumed around once a week, whereas a commercial carpet can require it daily.


Durability is essential when it comes to commercial carpet as it will face a lot more footfall over its lifetime than the residential variety. Generally speaking, the pile in commercial carpet is shorter in height, reducing wear and tear and keeping the carpet fresh-looking for longer. The longer the pile, the more the fibres will be crushed underfoot, resulting in a more rapid distressed appearance. According to commercial carpet is also more slip-resistant.

How to make sure the carpet lasts

– Fibre type: Nylon is easy to clean and shows stains.
– Density: The greater the density, the longer the fibres last.
– Colour: A carpet with different patterns won’t fade as quickly.
Cleanable offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Cheltenham, and such businesses should be used every so often to give a deep clean to your carpet. This should ensure you get the very most out of your carpet’s lifespan.

Feel underfoot

This is probably the biggest difference between the two carpet types. Residential carpeting comes with a soft padding underneath that is easier on the feet and better for little ones to play on. In a commercial setting, comfort is less important, with durability and cost proving to be the chief priorities.