How the Interactive Display Market Is Developing

Gone are the days of wipe-clean boards in classrooms and offices – corporate and education environments are adopting new technology to help them with teaching, training and presenting ideas. So how exactly is the interactive display market developing in the UK and beyond? Keep reading to find out more about this ever-changing product.

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How Have Display Tools Changed?

As recently as a few years ago, projectors and large whiteboards were seen as essential tools in classrooms or meeting rooms. However, as technology has evolved over these last 15-20 years, more interactive solutions have been implemented which have in turn optimised communication within these fields. But how can establishments afford such innovative technology?

Just like the advances in TVs, display tools are becoming sleeker, thinner and of a premium quality whilst going down in price. With flat-screen technology and HD now dominating the market, prices are beginning to plummet, which means that even tight school budgets are now able to afford such up-to-date teaching aids.

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The UK Market

Although the whole of the EMEA interactive board market is growing in terms of sales, the UK is, by a long way, the largest: interactive and magnetic board sales began to spike in 2011 after a slow start. Today magnetic whiteboards for schools from are appearing in public and private schools across the country. The main appeal for educational establishments is that they can conduct lessons from a central laptop and have a better connection to each pupil, ensuring lessons are more engaging.

Businesses also like the connection that interactive boards give them to colleagues and remote users alike, allowing for larger meetings and conferences to be held successfully. In essence, the new technology offered provides for the smooth running of daily activities in the office and is easily managed by most IT system managers, which makes the decision to purchase them very straightforward.

What Can We Expect from the Market in Future?

The interactive display market, although already enjoying much success, is intent on providing the optimum experience for users. It wishes to make them feel like the boards are seamless and are a replacement for writing on paper, which means no technological barriers to compete with. We can therefore expect to see far more responsive interactive boards than ever before, taking into account speed and movement of the wrist.