How To Celebrate Moving Into Your New Home

After all the strains and stresses you been through in arranging to sell your old home, find a new one, arrange a mortgage and then move out of one property and into your new one on the same day, you certainly deserve to celebrate the move into your new home and the beginning of your new life. Even though everything will be strange as you move in, it will still be an extremely exciting time.

Buying new furniture
You can celebrate moving into your new home by replacing your old and outdated furniture, which might include essential kitchen appliances and your washing machine. Buying new furniture and kitchen appliances is a great way to begin your new memories in your new home. Along with painting and decorating, it provides you with a great new look.

Time to meet the neighbours
It’s a vital point of social interaction that you meet your neighbours as soon as possible after moving in so that each party gets the opportunity to weigh up the other. These might be the very people that you have to rely on to look after your property and perhaps your animals when you are out at work all day or going on holiday. If you can offer this service to your neighbours, they may well be able to return the favour to you.

Hopefully your neighbours will be friendly and inviting and it will probably help relations if you join them in a tea or coffee so you can get to know them as soon as possible.

Organising a housewarming party
If you need an excuse for a party, this is it, so invite friends and family to share your joy, whether this is your first home, a relocation to a different city or the start of a new single life after divorce. There are many different ways you can celebrate moving into your new property.

When you decide to organise your guest list, you’re going to consider inviting some of your new neighbours, especially so that you can play your music louder and longer than they would probably agree to, otherwise.

Nevertheless, make sure you put your safety first and don’t invite people into your home if you don’t want to or don’t like the look of them. Some unwelcoming types might take the opportunity for a close look around your home and your household goods, so you need to tread carefully as you compile the guest list.

You can decide to serve drinks and food that you have prepared yourself or ask everyone to bring a dish for your party guests to share. Serving the food buffet style will usually be better than a full dinner table meal because your guests will want to have a look around your new house and garden.

How have you celebrated a house move?