How to choose a private security company

There are many different private security companies around but how do you choose the right one for you or your company? Here are some things you might like to consider when making the decision.

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It is worth doing your homework and seeing what other people have said about the company you are thinking of using. Try to find some reviews online or google protective surveillance London to see what people have said about surveillance companies. Ask around to see which company other people have recommended. It is worth making sure that the companies you are considering have built up a good rapport with the police. If they have not, it might be because they have been heavy handed in the past and got themselves into trouble. You want to make sure you don’t get involved if a company is operating outside of the law or has done so in the past.


Many people think that they would make a good security guard but a lot of them don’t. Make sure that the companies you are looking at hire people with the right attributes both for surveillance work and for working in general.

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Many surveillance officers have already done a similar job either with the military or the police. These are institutions that tend to retire their staff from active duty relatively young. These employees go on to make great security personnel as they have had a lot of experience in things like surveillance and crowd control. Look for a security company with a lot of these staff on their books and you will know that you are in experienced hands.


Make sure that the company you select is reliable. It is great if they all have stunning surveillance CVs and a good reputation, but changes can sometimes occur, even in good companies. For example, if they are trying to expand, they might find themselves short staffed which may affect your needs. Make sure the security personnel you contact get back to you when they say they are going to and do not cancel meetings. Otherwise this could be the shape of things to come.

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Hopefully, this check list has been very useful for deciding which private security company is right for you.