How to choose the right cleaning company

You might think you just need to pick a name from the phone book or from google but choosing the right cleaning company isn’t that straightforward. Many commercial and residential clients are let down by inefficient cleaning companies and have to try several before finding the right fit. That is often because not enough attention was given to the hiring process at the start. They simply chose the one with the cheapest rates or the flashiest website. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search and enable you to be a bit more selective in your hiring:

Find out if the company is insured

This is the first thing you must ask to see before hiring a cleaning company. You will want the peace of mind that you are protected from things like accidental damage and theft. If a company is reluctant to show you or discuss it with you, then give them a wide berth.

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Ask to see references from prior customers and existing ones. At the very least you should see references of recent work carried out by the company. This is the best way of seeing what they are like, what their work ethic is and the quality of that work. Not being shown any references? Then find another company to interview.

Value for money

Everyone loves a bargain, and whilst you should choose a service that fits your budget, be wary of those quotes that seem too good to be true. There are many unscrupulous salespeople and clever advertising that can trick you into something which isn’t value for money. Beware the company that charges extremely low prices. Chances are they are not insured and probably paying staff below national minimum wage limits. There is truth to the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’. Good customer service and an excellent job will cost more but you’re paying for quality and confidence in a job well done. For trustworthy Office cleaning in Gloucester, visit

Staff vetting

Cleaners often have key holder responsibilities and access to restricted areas. You’ll want to find out what is involved in the recruitment of cleaners and whether they’ve cleared a DBS check or not.

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Job Guide

The cleaning company should be able to provide you with a list of tasks that you agree to in advance. This is your opportunity to state clearly what jobs you want doing and how regularly you want them performed. It is good to having set down clearly in writing, including task lists, costs, frequency of tasks and any other specific instructions.