How To Choose The Right Service Plans For Your Business

Whenever you turn on the TV you are bombarded with messages from various cable and phone service providers about what is best for your business with regards to your phone, Internet, and cable services. The truth is, however, that it is you, not them that know what your company needs in order to succeed. You don’t need to try and see through to the bottom line with these ads, just knowing what your business will need these services for, and how often you will use them, is enough to help you make the best decision. Be open minded about what features you really need and learn not to just accept them because you think it’s a bargain. Also remember there are more choices out there than the cable company, there are also VoIP providers that can dramatically reduce your calling costs.

Do You Really Need That?
There are always special offers through various phone and Internet service companies, but in the end, is it the plan that really meets your needs? Many of them offer bundles of phone, TV, and Internet services for a low monthly price, and this can sound very attractive. What they don’t tell you, or it is unclear, that this ‘introductory’ price is a small fraction of what you will pay when this three to six month period is over. Before you get roped into an agreement that may have you paying $25 now and $125 later, really look into these deals. A good rule of thumb with bundling packages is, if they seem too good to be true, they probably are.

The type of phone service plan you get should be based on your telephone needs. For example, perhaps you own a bakery and take many orders over the phone, you are someone who would want to look into an unlimited or flat rate plan rather than paying based on usage. This may work out well for that type of business, whereas it would not be the same for someone who owns a business that rarely uses the phone—they would want to pay only for what they use.

Be Realistic
As stated earlier, many of the packaged deals are too good to be true. Yes, you may get a discount for a time and with the right conversations with your provider, you may be able to extend that discount a few months. However, you should not pay for services you don’t need, regardless of the deal. Even if it is discounted you are still paying for services you don’t need.

Remember that there are more options out there than just the one you see advertised. Cable companies, VoIP providers and other providers can explain to you the real benefits of having a service plan designed around your company’s needs.