How To Get Better Grades While Studying Less

Tips for Getting Better Grades by Studying Less

Are you in a hurry to get better grades? Have you noticed how some people seem to get good grades by working less on their studies? This crowd realizes the great truth: effective acts count. Working hours on end, slaving over your studies gets you no bonus points. Studying for 8 hours daily does not guarantee you an “A” on your next exam. Busting your tail in the classroom will not necessarily ensure that you receive a perfect score on your oral presentation. Why?

Force negates. The harder and harder you work, the more likely you will see diminishing returns. Imagine a sponge. You can soak up only so much information until the sponge starts to seep. Eventually the sponge is full, and you need to wring it out, to continue to use it.

Your mind is similar. You can only take in so much information before the sponge starts to seep. Push it too far beyond this point and you will have to purge everything, just like wringing out the sponge. This is the point where your mind goes blank, either during your exam or your homework studies. You can’t remember a darn thing, at the exact moment you need to remember stuff. You pushed things too far, forcing the issue, and you now realize the idea of diminishing returns and why working harder is not the answer.

Work Effectively

Picture yourself studying for an exam which you need to take 1 week from now. Study for this exam about 1 hour each day, every day, to prepare yourself effectively. No, you do not want to cram in 10 hours the night before the exam. No, you do not want to study 4 hours a day for the 3 days before the exam. Focusing on a long term, short and steady approach works best. You can retain information more easily by giving yourself sufficient time to retain the information. Remember, no force. So in the above scenario you would receive better grades studying 7 hours in total, over the course of a week, versus cramming in 10 hours in total over 1 day.

Take Breaks

You can absorb information more quickly by taking frequent breaks from your studies. Take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes to keep your mind fresh. Breaks help you to remain enthusiastic about your studies, which keeps your mind clear, focused and ready to retain any information you need to pick up, to score better in the classroom.

Forget Hurrying

You accomplish more in less time by killing the habit of hurry. Being desperate gets you nowhere fast, meaning that as you grab at your studies, and push yourself too far, you will lose the information you so desperately wish to retain. Stop hurrying. Take a deep breath. By approaching your work with a calm, confident approach, you will remember whatever you need to know, in order to succeed with your exams or presentations.

Hurrying is the great success killer. Patience grows success. By taking your time, and patiently studying and absorbing your course load, you will get better grades in much less time. The irony of the situation is that the more you slow down the more quickly you’ll reach your desired goal.

Use these tips to get better grades in less time today.