How to Look After Your Cattle

Farm animals require special care from the farm owner. If you are confused about the right way to look after your cattle, then this is the perfect write-up for you. Here are few guidelines on how you can take care of your cattle. Read below.

Farm animals require fresh water to drink daily. You will have to arrange for fresh water in huge quantity in the farm. Animals like bull or cow can consume close to 19-20 gallons of water daily.
It is advisable that you opt for an automatic watering system. This will prevent water wastage in your farm.

You need to be careful about their daily diet. They mainly feed on pasture and hay. Other than these, mineral blocks and salt is also necessary for the cattle.

Understand that since pasture constitutes the majority of your cattle’s diet, it is important that you provide healthy pasture. Many times farm owners struggle with the inadequate amount of pasture. In such a case, arrange for hay.

Remember that cattle need approximately 2 pounds of hay daily.
To avoid wastage of hay, it is better than you go for a hay feeder.
Moreover, make sure that the hay is dry as wet hay can result in health issues for the cattle. Cover the hay for this purpose.
Tip: arrange for at least 10 acres of hay per animal.

Pay attention to the cattle shelter. There are some specific requirements for any cattle shelter like – it should be well-ventilated and waterproof also.

Get your cattle regularly vaccinated. This will keep them away from any major health problem.

In case you find anything problematic in any of the animal’s health, immediately consult with the vet.
Make sure that your field does not have any plants harmful to your cattle. It is better that you approach the County Agriculture Extension Agent. They will provide you a complete detail of the field’s toxic plants.

Cattle are not dangerous or aggressive. Still, you need to be careful when you handle them. Often while swinging head they can unknowingly harm you.

Install electric fencing on your farm. Do not opt for barbed wire fencing.

Tips to take care of calf

Take the calf to any safe enclosed area. Do not mix the calf with other animals. Initially it is important to make the calf feel secured.
Go to any farm store and get the necessary feeding supplies. Purchase items like – milk and nipples.
Do not forget to buy colostrum.
Colostrum is beneficial for the calf. It contains important nutrients that the calf needs. Make the calf consume around 2 quarts of colostrum. This will make its immune system stronger.
Remember to feed the calf on time. Ideally, you can feed the calf in 2-3 hours.
After few days of birth, the calf will start drinking water. Thus, keep water close to the calf.
Arrange for hay in the shelter area. Grass and legumes in the hay will be good for the calf.