How To Make Your Kid Stay Active

It is a fact that physical activities of the children become their habit and routine. The health of a child can be ascertained by the percentage of physically active time they spend in and mostly out of the house. Ironically, in today’s mobile and computer age, only 33% of the children are physically active and in shape.

Facts about children’s activities

  • The studies say that one out three children are physically active.
  • Anything less than 50% of the time spent for kid’s activities in games and sports is considered less than active.
  • Today children spend more than 7 hours on computers, TV, phones and video games every day.
  • Obesity is on the rise in the USA and other countries are also following the suite, one of three children in the USA is obese. This is mostly due to physical inactivity.
  • Obese teens have higher chances of becoming obese adults.

Benefits of being physically active

Being active physically brings a confidence in the children and their bodies support them in whatever they love to do – sports, dances and other adventures. There are other physical advantages of being active.

  • Children develop stronger muscles and bones.
  • Their general health remains great with their weight remaining under control.
  • They sleep better, good sleep is always good for the health.
  • They have a broader perspective of life in general.
  • The body fitness relates to better academic careers.
  • They have bigger self-esteem, are more focused, driven and attentive.

Motivate them to stay active

The children should enjoy their activities, and the parents should make it their priority. You can make them stay happy by your positive and constructive approach. Idea is to see in which field they can be channelized to stay active.

  • Set an example– Eternal fact always remained closer to truth that children are just your mirror image. What you set as an example will be followed by them. You stay active yourself, they will be doing the same.
  • Don’t pressurize– Sometimes parents are required to be strict to the children, they must be careful not to force them to do a certain activity. Just watch out for their interest and help them follow that activity.
  • Find ways– Tell them to do a physical exercise or take up any sport for at least one hour every day. They can do just about anything from playing soccer, running, play outdoors with friends or even jumping rope.
  • Plan outdoor family outing– Develop the interest of the children towards outdoor physical activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and boating etc. Take them for a walk around the mall, park or a departmental store.
  • Social activity– Encourage the kids to ask their friends to come and play together soccer, tennis, badminton, basketball or any other outdoor physical sport. Tell them to form a club with nearby friends and be involved in some constructive physical sports.
  • Plan their routine– You must restrict the kid’s routine at home of watching TV, video games in leisure hours and time they devote on the computers.

Have other innovative ideas ready for making them active, being active means they are growing fine.