Insure Your Road Bike And Ride Confidently With A New found Peace Of Mind

Most of us are cognizant of the benefits of riding a two wheeler but not many are cognizant of the benefits of two wheeler insurance. In minutia numerous two wheeler proprietors would not be even cognizant of its existence!

Bicycle insurance varies from entire insurance to third party liability insurance which is suitable for all the two wheeler riders. Whereas, accidental two wheeler insurance is not obligatory for the two wheeler riders like third party liability two wheeler insurance but complete remedy is required for the well being of the riders. Economic insurance is required to safeguard riders from unforeseeable on and off street misfortunes.


Bicycle is a technological conglomeration of many accessories and auxiliaries which are founded upon modern applied technology. Although, these accessories make a snug journey for the bicycle traveler but any misfortune in these accessories can conceive a lot of discomfort for the riders.

Bicycle components can get weakened due to misfortunes and/or usual aged of the constituents. Furthermore, there can be the situations of thieved or lost two wheelers. All these components are surrounded under the advantages of bicycle insurance. When you decide to insure your road bike, you must know that all the professional two wheeler insurance enterprises supply two wheeler insurance benefits as:-

  • Replacement treatment for bicycles up to 3 years old
  • Bicycle boat hiring remedy
  • Accidental and robbery remedy
  • Multiple coverage alternatives under a lone principle
  • Up to 15% discount alternatives for adjacent to bikes
  • Bicycle insurance as a Part of Home insurance principle

Bicycle insurance can be taken as an addendum with home insurance policy. It can be rather cost productive because two wheeler insurance is coming under the part of other insurance.

Personal two wheeler insurance

This insurance principle presents remedy against vandalism, accidents and robbery.

Third Party Liability insurance:

Third Party Liability insurance presents coverage against any assertion made by the third party if bike rider has started any wound or house impairment to the other one-by-one.

Roadside Recovery:

Rarely, two wheelers can get stuck-up and riders are compelled to get stuck on the roadside if they are not proficient to mend it up. Bicycle insurance enterprises make certain that bike riders get a free cycle while their bicycle gets fixed at the workshop.

On the foundation of cost and applicable remedy, two wheeler insurance can be segmented into three types. These segmentation’s are:-

Third Party two wheeler insurance (least costly)

This is the cheapest of all the three packages and it presents treatment against the third party injuries and house damages by the insurance holder’s bicycle.

Third Party insurance:

Along with the treatment supplied in less costly insurance, this insurance presents remedy for the bike too. This remedy is against the two wheeler decrease or robbery.

Comprehensive insurance:

In this treatment along with the aforementioned packages, two-wheeler rider furthermore gets covered. In spite of its expensiveness, this is most preferable two wheeler insurance due to absolutely enclosed facets.

Factors Influencing The Bicycle Insurance Cost:

There are three foremost components of consideration influencing the charges associated to the two wheeler insurance. These components are utilization frequency, rider’s age and locality of insurance.

To insure your road bike, you must know that two wheeler insurance would be exorbitant if riders use their two wheelers on every day foundation. This is based upon the detail that every day usage of the insured piece directs to the exposure to unforeseen hazards.

Younger the rider; higher would be the cost of two wheeler insurance because juvenile riders are anticipated to use their two wheelers more often than the older riders. Moreover, juvenile riders are more prone to rash and unsafe bike riding.

Area of insurance is another foremost factor that has to be considered when you want to insure your road bike. There are variations in the allegations counting upon the hazards at the position where the riders stay. Bicycle insurance premiums can be higher in the high risk zones.