Linking promotional products, web design and branding

Although you might initially think that promotional products are somewhat outdated; however, despite all the technology we have available at our fingertips today, they remain one of the most effective methods of advertising available to marketers.

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Here are just a few ways you should be using promotional products to create a strong and easily-recognisable brand in both the digital and physical worlds.

Promotional product selection

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has found robust evidence to support there being a strong correlation between brand recognition and promotional product advertising; as such, you must select an item that your audience is likely to keep. You are not providing free items for selfless reasons; instead, you want your audience to become familiar with your branding so that you can begin building a relationship based on reliability and trust. Supplying a poor-quality product, irrespective of the fact your audience is not paying for it, will reflect badly on your brand.

Place your logo pride of place on your promotional products

As your website should always reflect your brand values and emphasise your unique company logo, producing promotional products that will boost the recognisability of your brand will help you to seamlessly merge your online and offline presences. Your promotional products should include your brand name, your logo, and – if possible – your phone number and website.

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Promotional products and unique landing pages

Creating a dedicated landing page to promote your promotional products will help you to discern precisely where your site visitors are coming from. This tactic also provides an ideal opportunity to deliver targeted promotions tailored to the specific demographics or geographical location of these visitors.

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Promoting your promotional products

Promotional products are generally given away at specific industry events and tradeshows; however, to maximise the potential of this strategy, you should also endeavour to promote your products on your website. You could, for example, provide a promotional gift in exchange for taking a survey or signing up for your newsletter – just make sure that your approach fits your ethos and appeals directly to your target audience.