Pancake Day – The Origins and How to Make the Perfect Pancake

Something that many of us look forward to at this time of the year is pancake day. This is an old festival that marks the beginning of Lent where traditionally all of the things that we have in the house are used up before the 47 days of fasting leading up to Easter. The first pancake day was in 1445, and it is now something that we celebrate every year.

In some parts of the UK, pancake races are still held which dates back to 1445 – it is said that this started when a housewife was making pancakes at home and was late for the church service so ran with her frying pan to the service!

Nowadays not many people fast, although many people do give something up for Lent that they enjoy, such as wine or chocolate!

Pancakes do not only have to be enjoyed on pancake day either – they are a treat that we can enjoy all year round. The basic pancake ingredients, flour, eggs and milk are readily available, and they can be a delicious pudding or a part of a hearty main meal.

When making pancakes there are lots of tips online that explain how to get the perfect pancake, Modern technology has helped a lot with this, as surface treatments like this are used on frying pans to make them non-stick and therefore perfect for making all sorts of meals including pancakes.

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Something else that many people who are expert pancake makers advise is making sure that the pan and the oil are hot enough before you pour the batter in. So, the right tools and the right methods are two big parts of the secret to making the perfect pancakes for you. But how do you make sure that your pancakes go the extra mile? Here are a few ideas…

Savoury Pancakes – If you want a quick midweek meal, savoury pancakes are a great option. Make the pancakes and fill them with cheese, ham, bacon, beans – whatever takes your fancy really. When wrapped up this is a perfect teatime treat that is quick and inexpensive to make.

Fruity Pancakes – If you want to get some of your five a day in whilst enjoying your pancakes then fruity pancakes are great. Healthy ideas for your pancake toppings include berries like strawberries and blueberries, as well as natural yoghurt. This is a great breakfast to start your day with.

Sweet Pancakes – Of course pancakes are also a lovely, sweet treat. Use Nutella or chocolate spread to make a delicious sweet pancake, as well as marshmallows, sweets and even chocolate. The perfect pudding for any day of the year, not just pancake day!

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Hopefully these ideas have inspired you for your pancakes, but pancakes can be adapted in many ways so it is a great way to be creative in the kitchen.