Reasons to opt for a letter over email

Email is quick and convenient, and the modern way of keeping in touch. You can rattle off an email in just a few seconds, click ‘send’, and know that it will arrive at its destination within mere seconds. There’s no searching for pen, paper and stamps, and you don’t have to go out of your way to find a postbox.

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Emails are so much better than letters, aren’t they?

Well, perhaps not. According to a recent article in Forbes, nobody is ever going to treasure an email or text in the way that we do with handwritten notes and letters. So with that in mind, here are five reasons why you should choose to send a letter rather than an email.

1 It’s more personal

Anyone can hammer out an email without giving it too much thought, but a handwritten letter or note tells the recipient that you have thought about them at some length. You’ve made the commitment to sit down and pen a missive with some degree of care, rather than tapping out a message with one finger while you’re trying to do twenty other things at the same time.

2 It feels like a gift

Who hasn’t experienced the thrill of seeing a handwritten envelope drop onto the front door mat? Receiving a letter through the mail makes you feel a little bit special, something which can be all-too-lacking in our fast-paced digital world.

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3 A letter makes us feel good

Knowing that someone cared enough to take the trouble to pen a few lines puts a smile on our faces. And it’s even better when it’s handwritten in ink on beautiful and colourful stationery.

It also means if you ever move house you will all these letters well organised within a folder instead of trying to find the computer where you last typed an email, scan through thousands of emails and then still have to print them off.  A Essex House Removals service will also be happier with this as it will mean a more speedy move.

4 You can practice your handwriting

Handwriting is going out of fashion, and we quickly lose skills that we don’t ever use, so pen a letter and experience the joy of creating something unique and personal.

5 People take more notice of a letter

As inboxes become flooded with emails cajoling us to buy this and try that, emails lose their impact. A personal message quickly becomes lost in the flood of spam, so make your message stand out from the clutter in your recipient’s inbox, and send a letter instead.