Safeguard your motor business

Any motor business such as a car dealership, car and van rental firm or taxi business is vulnerable to car theft and vandalism. That’s because the assets themselves, the cars, are valuable assets that can earn good revenue for thieves. So what can you do to secure the premises of your motor trade business and reduce the likelihood of your business becoming a victim of crime?

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CCTV has a dual purpose. It’s a vital tool when it comes to gathering evidence should someone commit a crime on your premises. But it’s also been proven to act as a deterrent. You can even pay to have a live feed to a security business who may be able to stop crime as it’s happening by alerting police if they see suspicious behaviour. This is a much cheaper option than hiring a security guard.

Lights and barriers

The easiest way to stop thieves? Make sure they can’t get in in the first place. High fences with anti-climb paint will make it harder for them to get in, as will barbed wire. Lights, both timed and motion sensor, will also put a spotlight on would-be thieves and deter them from entering the dealership. Unlike house robberies, which tend to occur by day and be opportunistic by nature, car dealerships are more likely to be premeditated and happen at night when no one is around. So these measures are really important.

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Under lock and key

Lock up the most valuable cars in an alarmed building and off the main forecourt. Ideally, these vehicles shouldn’t even be visible at night. Also, be sure to either keep keys to the vehicles in another premises at night or store them in a coded safe. If you need  further assistance with this then a Locksmith Dublin company could come in and provide support at sites including where they have professional staff.

Fleet insurance

Specialised motor trade insurance providers can offer you full fleet insurance which is an important step in fully safeguarding your car dealership. Should the worst happen, any thefts may be covered by the terms of the insurance. You can make savings on the cost of your insurance premiums when the premises is better protected with CCTV, fencing and lighting.

When you work in the motor trade business, it’s really important that you take the right steps to secure your business and safeguard your assets from theft and to give you peace of mind.