Sales of Large-Screen TVs Soar

Not only did the nation’s interest peak during the World Cup, so did the sales of televisions with consumers opting to update their old TVs for new models.

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Manufacturer such as Sony joined France as World Cup winners when the figures for television sales were recently announced. The company reported that overall sales at Sony Europe increased by 10%, taking their total sales to £3.5 billion. Television sales went up by 13%, with consumer preparations for the World Cup considered to be one of the main causes. Video and sound sales also increased by 14%, with the popularity for headphones cited as a main factor.

However, in contrast to the sales increases, Sony reported a loss of £16.5 million, a surprising figure in comparison to last year’s £63 million profit. This was attributed to currency changes, competitor prices and a severe business environment.

Increase in Viewers

Whilst the figures up to March show an increase in television purchases, viewing figures saw 44.5 million people tune in to the BBC coverage of the tournament. This included a record 3.8 million viewers who tuned in online to watch England beat Sweden in the quarter final, and a top audience count of 10.4 million who saw France become World Cup winners during their final against Croatia on BBC One.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who managed to watch the World Cup on a brand new TV, it’s still not too late for an update of you own. Don’t forget that if you need help with Bristol TV aerial installation, you should do your research and look into companies such as, who can assess your needs.

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Rise in Sales

It wasn’t the only increase brought about by the World Cup, with retailers Marks and Spencer also reporting an increase in waistcoat sales after Gareth Southgate’s choice of managerial football fashion.

John Lewis also reported an increased number of television sales with an overall 20% increase. There was also a huge sales increase of 140% on the first day of the competition compared to the same day the year previously.

With options such as curved TVs now available at competitive prices, it’s no wonder that sales jumped significantly during the competition. So although England didn’t bring home the cup, it was still a highly successful campaign for all.