Same-day delivery to be the norm by 2023

We have all experienced the panic when you realise that you have overlooked a friend’s birthday or forgotten about an anniversary. Whatever the occasion, it is likely that you will have experienced the gut-wrenching panic at forgetting a present to mark a special event at some point in your life. Fortunately, online businesses are rapidly becoming the saviours of the forgetful modern mind and are beginning to offer the solution of same-day delivery.

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Same-day delivery – it hasn’t happened overnight!

The idea of same-day delivery has been around for a while, but the road hasn’t always been easy. There are companies that attempted to act as pioneers in the same-day delivery market but met their downfall in doing so and eventually went into liquidation. For this reason, when Amazon tested out same-day delivery for the first time in 2009, it went about it slowly and cautiously; as a result, the idea had completely taken off by 2014, with customers fully embracing and utilising the service.

Waving goodbye to snail mail

As a result of this success and the growing demands on e-commerce sites to provide a fast and reliable service, companies such as Amazon are now looking to expand the service even further. It is estimated that same-day delivery will become the norm in just a few years’ time; as if this is not impressive enough, it is expected that two-hour delivery will become increasingly popular by 2028, meaning that people can order and get their parcels faster than ever.

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How will it work?

The idea is that companies will make more use of drones, autonomous vehicles and crowdsourced delivery – a method that Amazon already makes use of in many cities – to enable same-day delivery to become widely possible.

In the meantime, there are many couriers that have already taken the leap and offer same-day delivery on certain purchases. Businesses such as have taken the lead and offer a same day courier service in Birmingham for anyone who might need it.

In doing so, it has not only taken a step towards ensuring it is a step ahead of the game but has also effectively paved the way for other companies to do so. As the customer, you can expect to benefit from faster and more reliable delivery services over the coming years.