The dangers of working at height

There are certain activities that involve working at heights and these can pose a clear danger. This includes working from ladders, scaffolding and platforms.

Other examples could include jobs that involve working:

on the roof

on an elevated structure

over tanks, pits or water

on cliffs and steep ground

on a vehicle or trailer.

If a worker falls from a height of two meters or more, they will most likely sustain a serious injury, suffer disability or even death.

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Injuries and damage of persons or goods from falls may occur as a result of:

poor edge protection

Wide openings

Poor securing or storing of objects

working in an area without a fence or cover

Dangers can also present themselves as a result of weather changes, both inside and outside a building. When you need Scaffolding Hertfordshire, be sure to choose a trusted and respectable company like BG Scaffolding, leading providers of Scaffolding Hertfordshire.

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Who is at risk?

Workers in a variety of jobs could be at risk when working at height. This includes workers in maintenance, agriculture, construction, window cleaning, transportation, painting and decorating.

Workers who carry out one-off jobs at height and haven’t received proper training or equipment are also being placed at risk. Members of the public could also be harmed by the activities of those working at height.

Carry out a risk assessment

When working at height is unavoidable, a risk assessment will need to be completed. Considerations will need to be made for those workers who might need to:

Working at height

Accessing work sites

Evacuate quickly and safely in an emergency.